Pastoral Care


The seminary has extensive spiritual activities, with enthusiastic contributions by staff and students, designed to help the students go back to their hearts while holding on to their studies, as well as support the spiritual development of all members of the school community. Such activities include confession, masses, recollections, retreats, etc.

Masses are provided daily for staff and students in the seminary chapel when the college is in session and during holidays. Parents and guardians are normally welcomed to join the school for Sunday masses on visiting Sundays.

The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a “special” mass to mark the official reopening of the academic year and usually comes up in September of every year.



Every 3rd Wednesday of the month is an official day for confessor to come from outside for the sacrament of Reconciliation for the seminarians and staff. Everybody is encouraged to go for confession every month.


Five decades of the Rosary are said everyday and seminarians are expected to participate with their Rosary Beads. However on the Sundays and Thursday, it is replaced by Vesper/Benediction and Mass, respectively and on Fridays of lent by Via crucis.

The seminary provides two kinds of retreats: The End of the year retreat and the Graduation retreat. The End of the year retreat is a 3 day retreat programme for all the seminarians, which comes up at the end of the academic year.  In addition to the spiritual benefits entailed, it helps in preparing the students for the long vacation holiday.

The graduation retreat is in preparation for graduation and the SS3 students. The themes are selected to help the students reflect on their journey (academic and social) in SASCO thus far, as well as guide them on how to balance the spiritual and the mundane in facing the challenges they are likely to meet after seminary formation.

Since students in a given class, study and play together, the seminary provides them with the opportunity to reflect and pray together through class recollections and mass. The recollections take place on 3rd Sunday of every month from after mass to lunch time and end with a benediction. In addition to the moral and spiritual support they offer students, the recollections help to prepare them for the reception of the sacraments and for retreats. The themes of the recollections are carefully chosen to dovetail with their experiences as growing persons and young adults.

Going back to one’s heart and holding on to one’s studies mean finding God in all things, listening with a discerning heart and choosing to live for the Greater Glory of God