You are expected to send to the seminary email the following pieces of information:

  1. Your email or the email of your parents if you have any.
  2. Your active phone number or your parents’ phone numbers. Do well to add your name to any number or email you are sending to us.
  3. All other directives or pieces of information will be sent to you directly when you must have furnished us with the above.
  4. To all our SSS 3 and JSS 3 students, as we wait for further directives from the exam bodies and from the government, make use of the past questions and answers in hard copy and online for your revision.
  5. If you have not completed your fees for second term, you are expected to pay before the end of May to enable us pay the teachers and workers their outstanding April salary.
  6. The seminary email address which you are expected to send the aforementioned pieces of information to is; But, if you are unable to send them to our email, you can send them to the following phone numbers: JSS 1 – 08020607280, JSS 2 – 08163006698, JSS 3 – 07050607815, SSS 1 – 07026467105, SSS 2 – 07083846025, SSS 3 – 07053546909
  7. For the time being, keep studying, keep praying and stay safe.