Boarding System

Boarding System

SASCO aims to help every individual student to develop his abilities, talents and personality to the fullest possible extent, and hopes always to respond to the needs of the individual. But individual development would be incomplete and distorted if it led to self-centeredness and selfishness. An important part of the education of the individual is learning to live as a member of a community, realizing that the way students lead their lives affects not only themselves but also the community as a whole.

A wide range of activities is offered in an effort to give our students as broad an education as possible. As always it is those students who give most of themselves that stand to benefit more from the system.

Boarding House Structure:

There are eight hostel in SASCO, namely St. Peter, St. Thomas, St. Albert, St. Victor, St. Patrick, St. John, St. Joseph, and St. Michael. To make sure that students are not maltreated by the other, students are meant to live in the hostel according to class.  The hostel functions as both a pastoral and sporting platform. The housemaster assisted by the Hostel prefects, run each house jointly.

The hostel system is a means of engendering a spirit of cooperation among the students by organising and encouraging competition between the houses on a basis other than age or ability. The house system is structurally unique in that it is organised vertically rather than horizontally. The system provides students of more general ability with an opportunity to make a contribution to school life and be acknowledged for doing so