Welcome To SASCO online

The Seminary community is one in which students’ contributions are expected, valued and respected. We believe that every seminarian is entitled to the highest possible standards of broad educational provision within a caring, supportive and secure atmosphere where they are actively encouraged to achieve their full potential.

In St. Augustine’s Seminary, Ezzamgbo, we aim at helping our seminarians to become confident, independent and well-informed young adults, prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of our changing society. These we achieve by:

  1. Meeting the educational needs of every student at SASCO by:
    (a) providing equality of access to the curriculum, enabling pupils to develop academic, experimental, creative and social skills; and
    (b) ensuring the moral, intellectual, spiritual and physical development of every student in order that he can go on to lead a full and active life.
  2. Creating a challenging environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity and encourages love for learning.
  3. Encouraging social and cultural awareness to help students understand, and meet with confidence, the challenges of the changing society and the world at large.
  4. Encouraging students and staff to develop understanding of, and respect for one another.
  5. Developing positive relationships with parents and the wider society.
  6. To discern and foster vocation to the Catholic priesthood which is the primary for the establishing the seminary.
  7. To assist the students in their choice of career.